I-Ninja Argonaut Games / Namco Hometek / ZOO Digital Group 2005

In this fun platform action adventure you play as a little ninja. His objective is to recover the four lost Rage Stones. These stones are relics of a ncient evil power that will corrupt whoever possesses them. It seems as if Master O-Dor has imprisoned all of the inhabitants of The World's islands. I-Ninja is the only one not held prisoner and must recover these stones. I-Ninja has five levels and several stages. These take place on the four islands of an earth-like planet, The World, and it's moon. These levels are full of enormous obstacles to overcome. They are all brimming with suspense and good fun action. The graphics are cute and cartoonish. Funny facial expressions add to the attractive appeal of the game. Don Bluth and Gary Oldman of Dragon's Lair fame, worked on the in-game cinematics. Enemies in this game consist of the robotic evil army and mini bosses of Master O-Dors. You might even bump into a 150 foot giant robot. From a third person perspective, I-Ninja can perform several cool moves to defeat the robotic evil Ranx. He is able to shred on rails, hover, throw shurikens, blow darts, cut enemies in half, and cook up some cool ninja moves. I-Ninja can even run on the walls for a short period of time.
3CD ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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