Interactive History Of Frankenstein Three Blind Mice Interactive / Avtex Interactive Media 1995

This masterpiece interactive multimedia title takes the player into the horrifying world of Frankenstein, the scariest monster ever introduced in the history of horror drama, created by actor/writer, Boris Karloff. As you start the game you find yourself standing in a corridor just outside Dr. Victor Frankenstein's secret laboratory. You step forward and enter the laboratory. On the operation table you see a living corpse lying silently all wrapped up in bandages from head to ankles. You turn right and reach the radio on the table. You switched on the radio and a sign appears informing you that here you can listen to a selection of most popular radio serials of Frankenstein broadcast all over the country in its heyday. You move further left and approach the old TV set by walking around the operation table. Here you can browse and watch brief trailers of all the Frankenstein films ever released, which includes Brides of Frankenstein, Young Frankenstein, and my favorite, Return of the Frankenstein. In addition to all this collective information, you will find every informative related to the monster in the file cabinets, the electrode kind of glass machine and on the bookshelf. Overall, this multimedia title is fully packed with all the information about Frankenstein, which is presented using great looking graphics, full-motion video, and digital sound and music capabilities.
ISO Demo 404MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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