Iz and Auggie: Escape From Dimension Q Headbone Games 1997

This is an exercise in problem solving disguised as a fun spy spoof. Iz, a musician, and her robot friend, Auggie, volunteer for a mission with the Decentralized Intelligence Agency (DIA) after their music is stolen. To recover their music tape, they must enter Dimension Q, find the XT10 probe, rescue secret agents, and find the missing Q-chip. This program presents a dozen problem-solving challenges as the user attempts to help Iz and Auggie on their mission. Half of the challenges vary each time they are played. Some of the problems are relatively simple, like rearranging mixed up snippets of the rescuers' audio instructions, or playing the opening six notes of 'Happy Birthday' on a musical door lock. Other challenges are more difficult to overcome. The puzzles involve a range of problem solving and critical thinking skills, including logical and spatial reasoning, following directions, planning and sequencing, unscrambling visual, written, aural, and musical messages, and recognizing sounds. Some puzzles involve time pressure and hand-eye coordination while others allow unlimited time to find a solution. Much of the the program involve long stretches of story animation, alternating with puzzles the player must solve to overcome obstacles in the plot.
ISO Demo279MB (upped by Egon68)
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