Jack Orlando REALITY PUMP Sp. z o.o., TopWare Interactive, Toontraxx / JoWooD Productions Software AG 1997

Jack Orlando is a classical graphics adventure, very similar to the ones LucasArts and Sierra produced during their best time. In this game style (called a point-and-click adventure), you move your protagonist figure through a (mostly hand-painted) world, talking to many other persons and advancing in the storyline by solving many different puzzles. You are Jack Orlando, a once famous private investigator, who started to drink too much, ruining his career. One night, while he stumbles from the bar to his home, he accidentally gets involved in a murder case. He's knocked unconscious and arrested by the police the other day. As the inspector is his friend, he's given 48 hours to solve the case. The game's graphics consist of hand-painted backdrops with cartoon-like character models. All of the dialogue is played as voice-over as well as displayed as text and uses Dolby Surround techniques. The music was specially made by the famous movie music composer Harold Faltermayer (he did the Beverly Hills Cop theme, for example). In 2001, a Director's Cut version was released - the original game was for MS-DOS so it won't run on the new Windows versions. The new version is a native windows version. It contains some additional scenes not included in the original release as well.
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2001 Director's Cut - Custom ISO Demo ~548Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
How to run DOS version
DOS Version ISO Demo 283MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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