Jewels Of Darkness Level 9 Computing, Ltd. / Rainbird Software 1986

Originally released in 1983 as "Middle-Earth Trilogy" then became "Colossal Trilogy" and finally "Jewels of Darkness" which is the most widely available version. They were originally interactive fiction only but graphics were added in later versions. When re-released as part of the Jewels of Darkness package, all references to Tolkien were removed, possibly to avoid charges of copyright infringement.
Colossal Adventure (part one): A dramatic rescue of goodly elves imprisoned in deep dank dungeons. A very close clone of the original Adventure text adventure, updated with graphics. The original was strongly influenced by Tolkien, and this version emphasized that even more.
Adventure Quest (part two): As an apprentice magician you are called before the Wizard's High Council and sent to defeat the Demon Lord.
Dungeon Adventure (part three): The Demon Lord defeated...onward to glory and greater riches.
Full Demo 153kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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