JumpStart 5th Grade Adventures: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective Knowledge Adventure 1997

This educational software is designed to provide entertaining activities for computer users aged nine to eleven years. Like other titles in the series, JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade offers several features that allow parents and players to customize the format and difficulty of the learning experience. The software is structured like an adventure game. Using only brainpower (and virtual skateboarding skills), the player faces off against the nasty Dr. X and his henchmen in numerous action and puzzle challenges. Educational aspects of the game cover math, reading, geography, and history. It tells about a kid named Jo Hannet, Kid Detective. When the city of Hoverville has electric problems from the evil Dr. X, Jo goes out to stop him. Go to several stores and places in Hoverville asking the owners for help. If you help them with puzzles, they'll give you something you may need to stop Dr. X. In the meantime try spying on three octopus-haired men! This is the only game in the series which has an alternate ending. In 2000, a deluxe version was released with a bonus CD developed by Kaplan, Math for the Real World, that puts players in a band touring the country trying to earn enough money to create its own video. More than 4,000 math problems cover topics such as money, percentages, fractions, decimals, time management, and measurements. Extra games could also be downloaded from the official developer's website.
ISO Demo 194MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
included in JumpStart Advanced 5th & 6th Grade (2003) - 3CD ISO Demo 900MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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