Jurassic Park: The Game Telltale Games 2011

This game returns to Isla Nublar as something of a direct sequel to the first dino-tastic movie. It picks up on plot threads left dangling, such as the fate of the can of embryos lost by Dennis Nedry--a favourite topic of JP fanfic. As you might have guessed, given Telltale's adventure game heritage, Jurassic Park isn't a non-stop kill-o-rama. Story and character are a really important part of it, you are going to feel drama. You are going to feel tension. You'll feel different kinds of emotions. There's humor. Light moments. Downtime to get to like the characters. Certainly the wonder and awe of the island, and then everything breaks down to those moments of terror. Heavy Rain is cited as an influence on both story and gameplay though the story is more linear, actions the player takes are reflected in the way the story is told. You'll be glad to hear that Jurassic Park features one terrible lizard not seen in the movies - a nocturnal beastie whose eyes will be seen glowing in the dark.
DVD ISO Demo 2.58GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Lua scripter fix (corrects disappearing mouse or action icons) (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 11MB

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