K'NEX The Lost Mines: Adventure Begins EAI Interactive 1998

Kids of all ages can interact in a 3D world where K'NEX construction sets spring to life. It includes a variety of interactive games and activities, and is the centerpiece of K'NEX's strategic plan to market their new line of Lost Mines toys that inspire creativity, invention and problem solving. It features EAI's unparalleled mix of colorful 3D animation, interactive graphics, and visually rich excursions. Hosted by K'NEX Kid, an intriguing robot tour guide, the CD-ROM enables users to immerse themselves in a K'NEX interactive comic strip, browse through an animated K'NEX catalogue featuring building sets from K'NEX's new Lost Mines product line, or play a multimedia game where the user experiences the Lost Mines story.
ISO Demo 371MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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