Kronolog: Nazi Paradox / Red Hell Castleworks / Cyberdreams, Inc. 1994

Kronolog presents one answer to the intruguing question: What would the future be like if Hitler's Nazi had won World War II? You are Dr. Hoffman, American scientist by day and leader of an underground movement by night who, in a quest to save your son, are given a chance to alter human history. The intriguing plot and excellent details are unfortunately buried under annoying interface (you cannot even use the keyboard for movement) and pixel-hunting puzzles. Warning: This game is extremely unforgiving: you *can* proceed far into the game only to realize that you need something you forgot to pick up in the first screen. In the German Red Hell version of the game, the gameplay is the same, but the story arc has been changed significantly. The world is there conquered by Soviet Union instead of Nazi Germany. Instead of Nazism, the game has many references to Soviet culture. Even the main character is named "Mark Constantine" (a Russian surname) instead of "Mark Hoffman" (a German surname, from the original version) Other than that, everything is same.
Full Demo 8MB (@ Abandonia)
Full Demo with DOSBox 24MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Full Demo (upped by Egon68)

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