Last Half Of Darkness Bill Fisher / Softlab Laboratories 1991

One of the most obscure horror games ever made, this attracted a small following when the first part was released as freeware in 1991, and quickly spread over BBS and shareware ftp archives. So what is memorable about a shareware adventure game that boasts only 16-color VGA graphics? The answer, as with all good horror games, is simple: a strong plot and sufficiently creepy atmosphere. While it won't make the next Stephen King bestseller, the game's premise is much better than your average horror flick. Your aunt was some sort of witch - a good witch though, practicing only good spells and magic. In fact, she was working on a potion just before she was killed. Now the secret will go to the grave with her unless you can find the missing ingredients. You, being her only living heir received news and came quickly to find out that she had plans for you to continue with her work. You will gain title to her estate and her fortune, but only if you continue with her studies in the field of magic. Gameplay is standard point-and-click affair—click on verbs (examine, take, operate etc.) to interact with the game. Puzzles are logical, and will seem too easy to die-hard adventurers. A few (e.g. figuring out what each potion does, and finding the password to the computer) are more difficult than others, but they are overall not very taxing. What is most memorable about the game is the many horrific images, such as the dead girl in the closet and the hooded figure. These, combined with a decent plot and fair puzzles, make it one of the better shareware adventures that's worth a look. The one-man maker of the game remade it on ever better graphic engines in 1999 and 2005.
Full Demo 338kb Full Demo VGA Version 352kb (@ Abandonia)
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Full Demo 304kb Full Demo VGA Version 647kb (@ GamesWin)
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1989 Full Demo 353kb (uploaded by UberLamer)
1991 VGA Full Demo 683kb (uploaded by UberLamer)

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