Last Half Of Darkness III SoftLab Laboratories 1993

This very rare sequel to Last Half of Darkness Part II starts when Part II left off. You find yourself stranded alone on an island inhabited by living dead (which seem to not have vicious or violent intentions) and, again, you have to find the girl you saved in the previous chapters of the saga. The third installment comes with some important changes: improved graphics and a totally different engine and interface. Some flaws that plagued the first two chapters of the saga are corrected here: dying doesn't happen too often (partially limited by the introduction of a life bar for the player) and the gameplay is more coherent and clear than in the previous two parts. The atmosphere, which was the strong point of the first two chapters, is still horror-oriented but it's less disturbing and oppressive than in the previous chapters. The game itself is less claustrophobic and more open.
Full Demo 1168kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo 1.2MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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