Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver Crystal Dynamics Inc. / Eidos Inc. 1999

The successor to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, this action-adventure title brings the land of Nozgoth into the third dimension. Gone are the beautiful landscapes and proud people; in their place is the corrupt empire of Kain, his throne at the seat of the very pillars he defiled. You are one of Kain's lieutenants, Raziel, cast into "the abyss" for an act of insolence. You somehow survive, although you are only a shade of your previous self. Swearing revenge on your former master, you set out on a journey that takes you across Nozgoth, unraveling the mystery of your origins in the process and devouring the souls of those who stand in your way. Soul Reaver is in 3rd person view and follows Raziel on his quest to purge the land of vampires and take revenge on Kain. Raziel can shift between the "material" and "spectral" realms, and sometimes certain areas are only accessible through shifting. Throughout the game, Raziel gains abilities by absorbing the souls of his brethren, such as the ability to swim while in the "material" realm, or the ability to phase through gates while in the "spectral" realm. Eventually, Raziel gains the Soul Reaver, a powerful energy blade that protrudes from his arm.
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Level Demo v1.2 ~17Mb ( @ Download.com)
XP/Vista Fix
Full Demo 138MB + Movie Addon 81MB (made for LW by seppesbox & uploaded by Scaryfun) WinXP Patch 2MB (made by seppesbox & uploaded by keropi)
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ISO Demo 506MB (uploaded by Molitor) Fan-Made Final Patch by Yagami ~241MB *videos are non interlace high res & no-cd
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Good Old Games Version ISO Demo 601MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Polish Bootleg ISO Demo 534MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.13 + Dreamcast ISO + Extras 434MB/333MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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