Konung: Legend Of The North 1C Company / Strategy First, Inc. 1999

Legend of the North: Konung is a fantasy role-playing game where players set out on a journey to bring order to world. There are more than 60 nonlinear quests to embark on, and 50 magical artifacts to find and use. Nonplaying characters and monsters can be recruited into parties, and all characters in a party gain experience and advance in levels. Players and nonplaying characters have their own inventory, and using items affect character animations. The game is displayed in 16-bit High Color with real-time lighting effects, including day/night cycles. Up to 16 gamers can play over a network or the Internet. Similar to Diablo in many ways, it focuses on the Scandanavian landscape and mostly real enemies (although larger than normal). The game includes a night/day cycle that includes twilight as well. You have the option to have that cycle, or remain in day only if you get tired of not being able to see much at night. The game's plot is based on three heroes trying to combine an amulet to save the world. However, these heroes are not necessarily friendly to one another. The heroes are the following races: Slavic, Byzantine and Viking. When you start the game, you choose which hero you want to play and some attributes for that hero. Your choice of hero has many effects in the game. For instance, you look different in the game and start in different locations. Also, the local residents will react differently toward you depending who you are. In order to win the game, your best path lies in conquering most of the towns by peaceful or military means. To conquer the town peacefully, you must complete a quest for that town. If you choose to attack the town instead, you better have many followers in your group and some oil for your arrows so that you can set the town on fire. After the town is yours, you can collect money from the town once in awhile and also get free healing and free repairs for your items rather than paying. You can also have the town build things such as a blacksmith, bridges, wells, etc. However, you will have to get a trained person to work in anything you build. For instance, just building a marketplace won't let you buy items. You will also have to bring a trained merchant to live in the town.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Egon68) 491MB
included in Konung Trilogy - Russian ISO Demo 2.63GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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