Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2, The / The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. Legacy Interactive 2010

This is the first game to be licensed by both the Sherlock Holmes Company and the Conan Doyle Estate. Return to 221 Baker St. and play as the famous Sherlock Holmes to solve 16 mysterious crimes in Victorian England. Dust off your magnifying glass and use your astute observational skills to gather evidence in 60 brilliantly rendered locations around Victorian England including Stonehenge, Marlsbury Castle, London's Music Hall and more! Unlock vital clues by playing over 50 mind-bending puzzles and mini-games in each case, including anagrams, cryptograms, and more. Featuring over 40 levels of hidden object and find the difference gameplay with more than 100 lively characters, including Watson, Mycroft, and Inspector Lestrade. Each clue leads you closer to catching the culprit.
1-Hour Trial Demo 231MB ( @ Softpedia)
Full Demo + mirror 240MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Full Demo 235MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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