Magicama: Beyond Words Mulawa Dreaming 2007

Magicama builds on the strengths of Xiama and Magnetic (hence the name) and endeavours to make use of the many comments received about the earlier games. Following the success of the different language versions of Magnetic, it was decided to make Magicama truly multi-lingual - it uses no words at all. It takes its inspiration from a caravan trip along the East Coast of Australia. 30 of the most exciting locations were chosen and photographed in full 360 degree panoramas. At each location, a box is hidden which contains a challenging and entertaining task for the player. Each task has several levels, usually increasing in difficulty. Help is always available but costs points. As usual, the game is supported by the Mulawa Dreaming Private Forum. This adds yet another dimension to Magicama in that players get to share the journey and their experiences - to many it is one of the highlights of the games. Magicama has taken well over two years to complete and this time it has been a truly solo effort. A journal was started almost on Day One and was kept going right till the end. It makes for fascinating reading to see the whole game creation process from start to end. This journal is available on the CD. On Jan/2017, the developers games were made freeware.
Freeware Game v3.11 186MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Freeware Game v3.11 185MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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