Manhole, The: Masterpiece Edition Cyan Worlds / Broderbund Software 1994

In 1988 you met Mr. Rabbit and a host of his friends in the World of the Manhole in the first game published on a CD-ROM. The developer Cyan later went on to make one of the best-selling CD-ROM's of all time with thir game Myst. In the Manhole Masterpiece Edition, the original award-winning children's adventure was rereleased with fresh renderings, color, and sound. Enter a fantastic world where every character comes alive and every new hallway leads to another wild dream. Just point and click. Soon you'll find yourself shooting down a winding waterway with Rejan Elephant. Click again and you're climbing to the top of the rook tower to great Molly Rhinoceros. Click on Mr. Rabbit's dresser drawer and moments later you're flipping through the pages of his noisy ABC book. Or you're suddenly transported to dine with that esteemed soul-cat, Mr. Dragon. Though it is meant for children, adults will find it enchanting and beautiful as well, and that textures and locations in The Manhole were obviously reused in Myst.
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GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 161MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 160MB (uploaded by reynolds)

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