Math Blaster: Ages 6-7 / Math Blaster Mission 1: Cosmic Critter Challenge Knowledge Adventure 2000

Become the galaxy's greatest animal trainer. Take charge of this intergalactic zoo caper. The animals have grown lazy, and you've got to think fast to get them back on their feet. Zap the gnats, feed the Woozerps, and earn enough points for a bonus round of fast-action Tickle Tag. It's beastly fun every time you play. Get ready, get set, and start clicking. Math Blaster is part of the Blaster Learning System, an integrated line of game-based learning software. Blaster Learning System missions use gameplay to teach fundamental math and reading skills to kids ages 5 to 9. After mastering the essentials, kids move on to Cross Terrain Challenge, created to sharpen critical-thinking skills through extreme game adventures. Math Blaster's unique motivational learning system recognizes each child's achievement with points that can be redeemed for rewards. The Blaster Learning System goes the extra step with SmartPoints to provide an incentive to play, practice, and learn.
ISO Demo v1.1c 348MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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