Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso Juniper Games / Merscom LLC 2006

The evil invading Goragons are tearing the fabric of reality and the only thing standing in their way is Ed, the lovable cat from the Mr. Smoozles web-comic. The titular Mr. Smoozles has been turned into a mindless gun toting lunatic and Ed must avoid him, rescue all his kidnapped friends, restore reality, and if he has time revert Mr. Smoozles into the jerk he used to be. This is a humorous arcade adventure game where you must collect items and try to solve puzzles you encounter. Items for the most part are automatically used when you need them (such as keys for unlocking doors) but some items will require you to press a key such as "P" for Potion (as in Health-Potion that you'll find). There are fifty characters you'll get to interact with including the cast of Mr. Smoozles the web-comic. Ed's adventures will take him all over the village, into Goragon robot factories, and even into the tears ripped into reality itself. Arcade game-play elements make their way into the game by Mr. Smoozles and other enemies chasing and shooting at Ed while he runs around trying to solve puzzles. Their shots must be avoided or else Ed's mission will fail. Power-ups to shield Ed can be found as well as offensive weapons that he can use against some enemies such as land-mines and electro-magnetic-pulse generators. In February, 2011 the game was made available for free download.
Freeware Full Game 17MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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