Mummy, The: The Animated Series Asobo Studio / Hip Games 2004

Based on the tv animated series, "The Mummy" tells the turbulent adventures of the O'Connell family, where they explore ancient ruins in the most exotic places on the globe, permanently fleeing from the growing threat of the evil mummy. When the powerful "Bracelet of Osiris" closes around Alex' wrist, him and his parents are forced to leave on a dangerous hunt for the the manual of the bracelet, the holy scrolls of Thebes, before Imhotep can find them first. The fate of the world lies in Alex' hands. The player slips into the role of Alex O'Connell on a journey of adventures and discoveries around the world, defending himself with his slingshot and the supernatural powers of the bracelet against Imhotep's servants in order to confound his evil plans of ruling the world. This adventure, full of action, will lead the player though many levels on different continents, filled with traps and mystical secrets.
ISO Demo 565MB (uploaded by Egon68)
No-CD Patch 3.31MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Polish AlcoholClone ISO Demo 636MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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