Museum Of Anything Goes CPIO Multim├ędia / Wayzata Technology 1995

This museum is unlike any you've ever seen. There are no guards, no rules, no limits. Become a part of the imagery and experience the thrill of this unbelievable interactive museum. Enter a photo-realistic 3-D space, and travel to locations around the world on a river journey, through an urban jungle, an to places you can't imagine. It's a virtual free-form environment with computer generated animations, original music, digital video, and stunning artwork. There's interactive games, puzzles, adventures, challenges. Discover humorous characters, kinetic sculptures, lost writings, and paths unknown plus nightmare visions. Knock on death's door - what's behind the walls. Don't get lost and enter at your own risk.
Windows/MAC Hybrid ISO Demo232MB (upped by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 189MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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