Nancy Drew 9: Danger on Deception Island Her Interactive, Inc. 2003

This Nancy Drew adventure takes place on an island in the Pacific Northwest where she goes to do some whale-watching. The mystery centers around an Orca whale that has appeared in the channel. Everyone in the town of Snake Horse Harbor has a different opinion about what should be done about the whale, including the person who invited you there, Katie Firestone. Evidently Katie has ruffled someone's feathers because her tour boat is vandalized and she received a threatening note to "stop meddling." Something sinister is certainly going on here, and Nancy begins to investigate. You play Nancy Drew as she explores the island on foot, bicycle or in a kayak. Hit the beach and build a sandcastle or search the lighthouse. Visit the Whale Center and the Hot Kettle Cafe. Like other games in the series, this is a point-and-click game that involves talking to several characters and solving puzzles to unravel the mystery.
Time-Limited Level Demo 555MB (uploaded by Download Free Games)
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Full Game Trial Demo Patch for above 1MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 659MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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