Nancy Drew 11:Curse Of Blackmoor Manor Her Interactive 2004

This interactive mystery-adventure game lets players become teenage super-sleuth Nancy Drew as she travels to an English manor to solve a mystery rooted in the 14th century. Nancy Drew packs her bags for Blackmoor Manor, the estate of the Penvellyn family, to visit her neighbor's recently married daughter Linda. Shortly after joining her new husband Hugh Penvellyn at his ancestral home, Linda develops a strange illness. She refuses to let anyone see her. Nancy agrees to visit in an effort to discover the truth behind Linda's mysterious malady. The Penvellyns are an old, eclectic family with a long history of fascinating ancestors, Including Randulf the Red, progenitor of the Penvellyn clan (14th c.); Lady Elinor, burned as a witch (17th c.); Brigitte, astronomer (19th c.); and Alan, computer scientist (20th c.) and Hugh's father. More recent additions include: Jane, the youngest member of the current Penvellyn household, is a precocious 'tween girl (the youngest character to appear in a Nancy Drew game to date). There's also the new bride, who hides behind a bed curtain and refuses to be seen. In addition, Loulou the parrot makes an appearance. This is the first english setting for a Nancy Drew game and has twenty plus hours of sleuthing in expansive outdoor environments. New puzzles are based on heraldry, astronomy, and alchemy.
Time-Limited Level Demo 515MB (uploaded by iWin)
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Full Game Trial Demo Patch for above 1MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 614MB ( uploaded by Scaryfun)

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