Nancy Drew 12:The Secret Of The Old Clock Her Interactive 2005

The game is based on the first book in the Nancy Drew canon, the game's release date is the 75th anniversary of that book's publication, and the game is done in period, right down to Nancy's more-or-less Model A roadster. The game's story links the greed of Richard Topham for the estate of Josiah Crowley from the original Secret with the lost jewels of Emily Crandall from The Mystery at Lilac Inn. The resulting story opens with poor Emily mourning the loss of her mother. A friend of her mother's has come to help Emily run the Lilac Inn. Did Josiah Crowley really leave his money to Topham? Is Jim Archer, the banker, on the level? Clues point, as is usual in Nancy Drew games, everywhere. Assuming Emily is innocent, the villain could be any of the other fully animated characters. In the world before cell phones, Nancy must use a pay phone. Every call costs a nickel but whenever she pleases, Nancy can jump into her snazzy blue roadster and deliver telegrams all over Titusville for an impressive twenty-five cents apiece. Clock is the first Nancy Drew game to use black-and-white still photographs to provide visuals for some of the places and gives the game some appropriate atmosphere. With its sunny exteriors and perpetual daylight, it's a light, bright, and fun game.
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ISO Demo 641MB ( uploaded by Scaryfun)

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