Ollo In The Sunny Valley Fair Hulabee Entertainment Inc. / Plaid Banana Entertainment 2002

Meet Ollo, a cute ball of clay with eyes. He lives in Sunny Valley, which is about to have its Sunny Valley Fair. He helps his friend Rose make a really, really big tomato for the farm contest, but things get a bit out of hand (round things roll, after all). This pre-schooler title is done in a form of painted backgrounds with either 3D or clay characters and items. The interface even looks like clay. While the main character does not talk, the game includes an off-screen narrator. Most other characters do talk, however. Like most kids adventure games, there are things to click on but this game has more of an undercurrent of trying to teach and encourages exploring by the acquiring of marbles to play a pachinko game.
Ollo Aurinkolaakson markkinoilla - Clone ISO Demo (DAN/ENG/FIN/NOR/SWE) 505MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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ISO Demo285MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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