Peter Gabriel's Secret World: Xplora 1 Real World Multimedia / Interplay 1995

This is a multimedia piece by Peter Gabriel. It has a scavenger hunt theme throughout the game, and when certain pieces are found, it unlocks more sections of the CD. There is a mixing room and videos of concert backstages. To progress through the CD, you have to solve puzzles with sliding tiles. The graphics are of sky, earth, trees and various other nature scenes, keeping with the CDs conservation theme. There is a section on world instruments. You can see and listen to them once you unlock that room. Gabriel's disc comes on like a genteel tract. There are no arrows or messages to guide you (that would be too Western, I guess). Instead, you poke around and click into "rooms" reflecting aspects of the pop star's career. Hear cuts from his albums, sample the acts from his Real World label, watch footage of the WOMAD Festival, or learn more about Amnesty International.
ISO Demo 636MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
CloneCD ISO Demo with scans 538MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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