Phantasmagoria, Roberta Williams' Sierra On-Line Inc. 1995

Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, Roberta Williams blended the elements of modern fiction with the best of nineteenth century literature to create Phantasmagoria. After trading their noisy Boston condo for a bizarre mansion on a small island along the New England coastline, Adrienne and Donald Gordon are slowly enveloped in a mystery of boundless, supernatural proportions. What is the secret that is locked inside this place, that infects this house? There is the previous owner, a famous illusionist who died inside its walls a hundred years ago. What kind of magic was he really into? What happened to the many wives who shared his shadowy world? Didn't he have a couple of children, a little boy and girl? As you take on the role of Adrienne, you are doomed to become the center of attraction for this horrifying entity. This haunting tale of a terrifying world of isolation, illusion, and insanity gave birth to the exciting new genre of interactive horror as never seen before, for it was most frighteningly believable adventure game ever created. A mega seven CD game, it was Roberta's largest project by far. It was also her first game that incorporated real life actors. In fact, the feature-film actors were captured on the most film footage ever included in any game up to that time. Phantasmagoria is mainly aimed as an adult game due to the graphic nature of the violence and the several explicit adult scenes. However, the game does have a censored mode that blocks such graphic and/or explicit scenes for the younger audience. It was quite controversial and banned in places like Australia. Made during the height of the "interactive movie" boom in the computer game industry, Phantasmagoria is notable for being one of the first and only adventure games to use a human being as an on-screen avatar. Actress Victoria Morsell spent months in front of a blue screen filming the hundreds of actions players could direct her character to perform.
Roberta Williams Anthology 4CD ISO Demo includes - King's Quest 1-7, Adventure In Serenia, Mission:Asteroid, Mystery House, Time Zone, Laura Bow 1&2:Colonel's Bequest/Dagger Of Amon Ra, Mixed-Up Mother Goose - 1990 SCI remake, Phantasmagoria *chapter1 demo only*, Dark Crystal (Apple II) 1.41GB (uploaded by Egon68)
GoG Version ISO Demo (runs on modern systems) plus wallpaper & manual 1.87GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
7CD ISO Demo 3.21GB (uploaded by Egon68)
WinXP/Vista Installer
Roberta Williams Anthology (1996) 4CD ISO Demo mirror contains chapter 1 demo only (uploaded by hgdagon)
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