Phylox Beavis Soft / Epic MegaGames 1992

Phylox is one of the (if not THE) oldest games written by Beavis Soft, the creators of Skunny, a legend among shareware enthusiasts. Rather than a fox, you play something of an astronaut here in a very fashionable yellow suit. You crash on a halfly deserted planet and of course the only way to interact with the local monsters is weapons fire. The hovering chair is an innovation, though. It is a true shoot-em-up featuring 256 colour graphics (Real ones!) and some of the best animated characters you have ever seen. Be sure to check it out (also because of the keeewl name).
Shareware Level 367kb ( @ CD Text Files)
German Full Demo 311kb (uploaded by roioros)
English Full Demo (provided by myloch & uploaded by Scaryfun) 333kb
included in 5 Plus One: Pack 6 - ISO Demo (plus Super Tetris, Aldo Again, Draw Poker, Green, Space Miner) 11MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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