Point of View Digital Circus / Aftermath Media / DVD International 2001

An edgy suspense story about obsession, art, eroticism and murder, Point of View is an interactive movie from the same stable and very much in the same vein as Tender Loving Care. Writer/director David Wheeler and designer/producer Rob Landeros previously worked on the Seventh Guest and 11th Hour game series. Jane (a very appropriately attractive Stephanie Von Pfetten) is a beautiful artist who watches her neighbor, a musician named Frank (Chris Bradford) and takes photographs of him, creating composite paintings of the two of them together. Her life is also entwined with that of her friend Mary, who is carrying on a relationship through the personal ads in the local newspaper. From this basis, an increasingly complex storyline develops as we learn more about the characters and the things hidden in their pasts, along with their motivations and thought processes. The storyline is built from our own attitudes and our opinion of the behavior of the characters, not just chapter by chapter, but scene by scene. You watch a chapter from a movie, and then get to answer a series of questions which will shape the direction the movie takes over the next and subsequent chapters. There are 12 chapters in all, and each is followed by the question and answer session. "Explore" allows you to examine certain personal effects and other material (often slightly amusing) by choosing them from a menu, while "Encounters" allows you to choose face-to-face interactions with the characters, who will tell you some of their innermost thoughts about the developing situation. The result is the "movie you made", which you can then watch uninterrupted from start to finish should you want to do so. The movie is shot in Vancouver, and local musicians Payten Rule and Jefreejon provide the music.
4-Chapter Streaming Web Demo ( @ Insinc)
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2CD ISO Demo 1.23GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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