Police Quest 4: Open Season, Darryl F. Gates' Sierra On-Line 1993

With designer Jim Walls gone, Sierra On-Line needed a new person to take the helm of the Police Quest series. Their search led to retired LAPD police chief Daryl Gate. The graphics are totally different than any of the previous games of the series. Digitized actors were used for this game, giving the characters realistic appearances. The story in this sequel bares no similarity to the previous titles. The protagonist is no longer Sonny Bonds and the setting is no longer Lytton. Set in Los Angeles, the player is now in control of John Carey, a young LAPD homicide detective whose best friend has been murdered while on assignment. This sequel contains many more locations than all previous games and has many more characters with whom the player can interact. Numerous mature themes are depicted in the game, including hate crimes, Neo Nazis, and African American celebrities and youth involved in crime. As you progress in the game you learn that your police partner had a double-life as a cross-dresser and in a first for a computer game, Carey's investigation leads him into a transgender nightclub in West Hollywood. The Police Quest series were transformed into the SWAT series after this and no longer were adventures. A CD version was also released with new music, full speech (done by different actors than those who played the characters), numerous removed bugs, and many changes to the graphics. The cursors were re-designed and their size decreased, all objects in the inventory were re-drawn or re-photographed in a higher resolution, and many backgrounds and objects in background were re-shot in higher resolution (and thus higher quality) again. A short promo film on the game's making is included on the CD. There also two arcade games which can be accessed at 'The Short Stop' bar by clicking on the arcade games (an Asteroids clone and dune buggy game are available).
Full Demo 17.56MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
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included in - Police Quest Collection: The 4 Most Wanted (1995 Version) ISO Demo (uploaded by Egon68) 507MB + Info
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2006 Collection DosBox Update
ISO Demo 482MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
(12x 1.44MB) Floppy Image (uploaded by Molitor)
included in Police Quest Collection (2006 WinXP Version) ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Daryl F. Gates' Police Quest Collection: The Four Most Wanted ISO Demo 490MB (uploaded by ClassicComputerGames)
Demo Version contained in Sigma RealMagic Demo CD - ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 460MB
included in Police Quest: Collection Series (1997) - Clone 5CD ISO Demo 2.71GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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