Prince Of Persia Jordan Mechner / Broderbund 1989

In this innovative platform puzzler, Mechner decided the best way to ensure a high level of visual realism for this game was to make extensive films of his brother performing the actions of a platform hero, and from these clips he created sprites for the prince and his foes. This rotoscoping process had been used previously by animators like Disney. Although the game's graphics seemed terribly primitive at first glance, with blocky characters and a world drawn with a forced isometric perspective, one needed only to watch the protagonist take a few steps to be stunned by the fluidity and detail of the animation. The prince, a simple-looking fellow in white, moved with unprecedented elegance as he ran through the dungeons of the evil vizier. The games used the fantasy of 1001 Arabian Nights. There were no power-ups more bizarre than a health potion, no creatures more fantastic than the occasional guard or undead skeleton, and the prince himself was not a superhero but only athletic - he had the ability to grab hold of ledges to avoid a pit too long to leap, a sudden pitfall underfoot or a drop a little too far to survive. When confronted by enemies, he could fall back on his sword skills, but in many cases it was simply best to avoid a fight altogether. You only have an hour to save a princess from the nefarious Grand Vizier, Jafar. So, you must puzzle how to get across each screen in a timely manner or you will be too late.
Free Special Edition Flash Version (uploaded by JayIsGames)
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Princed - mods, open source version & level editor(@ Princed)
Full Demo (@ XTC Abandonware)
Total Pack v3.5 and v2.06 (with DOSBox launcher, 40 mods, level editor, etc.) 14.5MB/20MB (uploaded by speedracer)
Full Demo (@ Lost Treasures)
Full Demo (@ Fajnegry)
Full Demo (@ Abandonia)
Full Demo v1.4 with DOSBox (uploaded by hurenBock)
Floppy ISO Demo 2MB (provided by xariskop & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Included in Prince of Persia Collection (1998) ISO Demo 597MB (uploaded by Shattered) * Prince Of Persia v1.4 Prince Of Persia 2 v1.1, Video of "The making of Prince of Persia 3D", Nightmare Creatures without CDA tracks, and demos of Riven, The Journeyman Project 3, and Warlords III: DarkLords Rising.
SDLPoP - open-source port + OGG Music 1MB+38MB (uploaded by Princed)
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Floppy Image ISO Demo v1.3 + no-docs crack + Manual (provided by basetta & uploaded by Scaryfun) 331kb/107kb/2.1MB
included in Prince of Persia: Collector's Edition - Clone ISO Demo 536MB (uploaded by Egon68)
1995 Prince of Persia CD Collection (PoP1 v1.3 & PoP2 v1.01) - ISO Demo 5MB (uploaded by Prince of Persia Unofficial Website)

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