Prince Of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame Broderbund Software 1993

In this sequel to the popular platform puzzler, your identity has been taken by the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar whom you defeated in the original Prince of Persia. Banished from your palace, you must fight to reclaim what is yours and save the Sultan's lovely daughter. The story is told through still cutscenes and full voiceover, which was pretty impressive for a disk based game. You begin the game running across the castle rooftops, only to escape on a barge and end up on a desert island. You trek through caves, ruins and the usual castles, at least giving a change of scenery lacking in the original. One of the more amusing additions is that you can actually now control the shadow from the original game. The penalty is steep - you lose a LOT of your life bottles, permanently - but you can trek around the levels without fear of being killed. The graphics are more infinitely detailed, there are more enemies, and even a bigger variety of puzzles. The wonky controls are still present. It's even more frustrating than its predecessor, especially with the new enemies like the incredibly annoying snakes. It makes you wish they'd given it more than a comestic overhaul and maybe made it just a little less difficult. The time limit (75 minutes) doesn't start until about halfway through the game
Full Demo (@ XTC Abandonware)
Total Pack v1.1 (with DOSBox launcher, mods, level editor, etc. 9MB (uploaded by speedracer)
Full Demo (@ Lost Treasures)
Full Demo (@ Fajnegry)
Full Demo (@ Abandonia)
Floppy ISO Demo 6MB (provided by xariskop & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Included in Prince of Persia Collection (1998) ISO Demo 597MB (uploaded by Shattered) * Prince Of Persia v1.4 Prince Of Persia 2 v1.1, Video of "The making of Prince of Persia 3D", Nightmare Creatures without CDA tracks, and demos of Riven, The Journeyman Project 3, and Warlords III: DarkLords Rising.
Browser-Playable Java Shareware Demo (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Proper Floppy Image ISO Demo v1.0 + password disabler (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 4.63MB
Manual (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 164kb
included in Prince of Persia: Collector's Edition - Clone ISO Demo 536MB (uploaded by Egon68)
1995 Prince of Persia CD Collection (PoP1 v1.3 & PoP2 v1.01) - ISO Demo 5MB (uploaded by Prince of Persia Unofficial Website)

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