Psychotron, The Merit Studios / The Multimedia Store 1994

This is a strange adventure from somewhere in the wilds of Texas. It's a truly offbeat game, sort of a short Mission Impossible episode starring you. The format is first-person with very mixed media, from live-action video to computer-generated environments. The game begins with your character meeting with the President of the United States, no less (some rabid Texan), and the director of the FBI. The Director becomes your key contact for the game. He gives you your assignment, which involves tracking down a very strange government science project that has gone missing. The game consists of interacting and interviewing witnesses in the case (video) and exploring the relevant environments for clues (graphics). The game takes up only about 50% of your screen, which is probably a good thing, as it makes the videos look a lot better than if you run them at full screen. The highlight of the game is a sequence in which you have to play poker with a trio of Mafia thugs. It's a very tricky situation, as any wrong comment (or bet!) can get you killed in a hurry. This is a short game, but it's fun while it lasts. Except for the FBI Director, the acting is uniformly terrible.
ISO Demo 419MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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ReelMagic MPEG version - Clone ISO Demo 555MB (uploaded by som1)
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