Rainblood: Town Of Death Soulframe 2007

This is the first in an episodic RPG series, a dark fantasy inspired by Chinese mythology and martial arts. It has a single protagonist, Soul, that seems to have been following the orders of a mysterious Organization. Betrayed by his best friend and his woman he is now hunted by his former brothers-in-arms, as his best friend married the girl and now wants him dead. Pang Town, a small town on the border of Central Land, is enveloped in a strange plague when a mysterious black-dressed man arrives. Following the man are strange creatures and the ghosts of his past. He does not know why he has been cursed, nor why those he once cared for want him dead. If only he knew a darker force was behind it all... There is hope, for in the strange Pang Town, he will find his destiny and hopefully his salvation. Strong adventure motifs are present along with typical jRPG solo action. Initially released in China and made with RPG Maker with hand-drawn graphics, it became hugely popular with over 3 million in sales. In May/2010, a translated English version was finally released.
Level Demo v1.17 149MB (uploaded by Atomic Gamer)
 1  2 
Full Demo v1.1.7 141MB (uploaded by Meddle)
English Full Demo & Chinese 1-2 Full Demos 141MB / 740MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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