Romantic Blue, The WRF Studios / CrystalVision Brand Software 1994

Set in a remote 19th century village, The Romantic Blue is a love story and adventure game with a horror theme. It seems the town of ShadowCrest is under the spell of the Evil Sisterhood and its High Priestess Morella. Surrounded by ever-growing graveyards and engulfed in darkness, ShadowCrest's young girls are bound to serve the High Priestess upon their 18th birthday. All others are captured and enslaved by the order against their will and exist in a zombie-like state. Despite the fact that love and marriage are forbidden, Miranda, one of the young girls of ShadowCrest, has fallen in love with Jack, who is one of the captives. Her despair grows each night as she listens to him play the piano in the distance. She vows to free him from the clutches of the Evil Sisterhood, but she cannot do this on her own. Having learned dark magic from the gypsies, she summons you to help her. You must search the dark tunnels, foreboding passageways and eerie crypts to find the tools needed to free Jack. At the magic shop or blacksmith's barn, purchase potions or a weapon with money you find while exploring. Dispel ghastly creatures which block your path. Find many keys to unlock new areas and doors, and solve various other types of puzzles. Even though the use of weapons is sometimes necessary, the game has no action sequences of any kind. Flashback cutscenes bring the story of misery and terror to life. Spooky background music and creepy sound effects are included to increase the tension and suspense. Word commands are used as part of the interface. Several plastic spiders, a map and several walkthroughs are included in the package.
ISO Demo & Manual 40MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Custom Cracked ISO Demo with DOSBox 6MB (uploaded by hfric)
Full Demo + DOSBox 34MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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