ScubaVenture: The Search For Pirate's Treasure Apogee Software Productions / Softdisk Publishing 1993

Your father had located the sunken remains of the Barbarosa, one of the last terrible pirate ships to sail in Caribbean waters. But he disappeared mysteriously during a diving trip. Now it's your turn to go to the Barbarosa to solve this mystery and fulfill your father's dream of treasure. You play a diver who must find the treasures of the Barbarosa, a sunken pirate ship. In search of those treasures you encounter the inhabitants of the Caribbean waters and pirate ghosts. You must survive all of the creatures that lie inside the ship. There are a total of eight levels and to complete the level, you must find the special treasure and find the exit. You are also armed with a spear gun and bombs to defend yourself against the sea creatures. The game engine used is the id Software platformer engine developed for Commander Keen: Goodbye, Galaxy and Keen Dreams.
Full Demo v1.01 (Rev 3) 234kb (uploaded by

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