Space Sirens: The Ultimate Cyber Sex Simulator Pixis Interactive 1994

Space, months and months of empty space. It stretches out behind you as you transport your cargo of beer and pretzels to Orion 7. Your faithful ship has seen better days but it gets the job done. You're contemplating some hot downtime at the red light spaceport when suddenly you realize you are not alone. You're a space privateer at the helm of your solo craft in search of rare alien artifacts. Responding to a distress signal, you are lured by the irresistible song of the sensuous Space Sirens emanating from a mysterious space station. You enter their domain only to realize that you've been entrapped in a VR chamber. Fulfill their every desire or remain a sex slave on the station forever. Your prime objective - search and fulfill. With advanced technology called Touch & Feel User Interface (TFUI for short, pronounced tuh-foo-eee), users can interact with the Space Sirens by selecting an icon to represent an-ahem-"appendage," whether it be a hand or "other special interface tools." Each Siren is more difficult to please, so work hard and fast to peak their O-Meter without losing control of yourself, or it's end for you.
ISO Demo 318MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Digital Erotica 3
Digital Erotica 3 Sampler CD-ROM containing video intros of NeuroDancer, The Red Chair, Scissors 'n' Stones, Space Sirens, Virtual Vixens, Sex & Money and Passion Files ISO Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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