Spy Fox 3: Operation Ozone Humongous Entertainment 2001

Humongous Entertainment brings to life another SPY Fox adventure in SPY Fox: "Operation Ozone." Pitted against none other than Poodles Galore, SPY Fox's mission is to save the world by disarming the hairspray space station she launched to destroy the ozone and leave the world dependent on her supply of super sunscreen. Monkey Penny and Dr. Quack also return to aid the super suave SPY Fox. With its animated style, the game includes areas such as a bowling alley, a diner, and Poodles' secret factory for exploring and searching for clues. SPY central is located in a hot air balloon, and a communicator watch icon allows Spy Fox to communicate with players in need of assistance. The arrow cursor that players use to navigate the game will become solid when Spy Fox can initiate an action or go to a new area. Clicking on everything and everyone encountered is the name of the game, since this is how clues are acquired and it gives players an indication of what action should be taken. SPY Fox is also armed with a myriad of spy gadgets, including the Grappling Granny and the Sticky Stun Bun. These spy tools, combined with some quick thinking, will help players locate the necessary information to defeat Poodles Galore. The bowling alley contains a jukebox which, besides concealing a clue, will play any of the 11 soundtracks that are included on the disc.
ISO Demo 435MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 446MB (uploaded by cocomonk22)

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