Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative Micromosaics / Simon & Schuster Interactive 1985

This sequel to Promethean Prophecy is text-based Star Trek adventure that's quite difficult to play and even more difficult to finish. It's quite fun, though, and well-implemented. Using the same interface from its predecessor, you can order the various members of the crew (Spock, McCoy, etc.) to do their duties. Be very patient and experiment a lot-- most of the solutions to puzzles in this game depend on knowing what each member of the Enterprise crew is capable of. Overall, an average sequel to Promethean Prophecy that has worse writing and more confusing puzzles. A must-have only for Trekkies and die-hard adventurers. A later 1987 version has an expanded script and enhanced graphics.
Full Demo 146kb (@ Abandonia)
Browser-Playable JAVA Full DOS Demo ( @ DOSdose)
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Floppy Image ISO Demo (thanks to basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 115kb

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