Starblade Silmarils / Palace Software 1990

StarBlade is an epic space-opera, set in the vastness of the Orion galazy, the year 3001. The human race has been decimated to a series of small hi-tech colonies by the ruthless, insectile Cephalhydras. To finally wipe out humanity, Cephalhydras geneticist have produced Genolyn, a hideously mutated Queen brood-mother, who will spawn a legion of super warriors. Your mission, to board "StarBlade", the most technically advanced starcruiser in the galaxy and to find and eliminate Genolyn before she starts to breed. Silmarils' first sci-fi game offers a good dose of action / adventure mix despite a hackneyed plot. The emphasis is more on action this time, as hordes of aliens are on your trail throughout the game. Repetitive combat and gameplay makes this one of Silmarils' most disappointing games despite the usual lush graphics and good music.
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Full Demo 350kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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