Technicus: 10 Hours Left Morgen Studios / Heureka-Klett 2005

After "Geograficus" and "Physicus" Heureka Klett extended its educational game series with this exciting adventure, which involves the world of the technology. You have 10 hours time to solve the mysteries of an ancient hotel where you must master the challenge of the Marquêz DO Sol. Will you resist your greed and in time reach the agreed upon meeting place before morning arrives or perish in the attempt? You will find crates with valuable articles, can take on additional missions, avert lethal obstacles in your way, and with the help of logical thinking procedures acquire entrances to areas and tinker with practical devices. There is a book, in that information to be looked up, which can be used to gather info for the technical mysteries.
German 2CD ISO Demo 971MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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