Tortoise And The Hare, Aesop's Fable Living Books / Broderbund 1993

See who makes it to the finish line in this classic title. This Living Book is a classic that has delighted children for untold generations. Includes dozens of hilarious new twists so the story remains fresh and full of surprises! This is the story about the race between the slow-and-steady tortoise and the hurry-up hare. Along the way you'll meet a score of delightfully animated characters - including Simon the story-telling bird. Based on the legendary Greek writer Aesop this classic story dates back more than 25 centuries. Includes the original storybook. In English and Spanish. The story is brought to life with characters that talk move sing and dance. With sound effects original music humor and animations it's a whole new learning experience. It is simple to use. Children just point and click. Repeat a favorite part go back or skip ahead all at their own pace. Reading skills are increased through word recognition. The computer can read words phrases and lines aloud.
Clone ISO Demo 353MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
ScummVM Full Demo 58MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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