Total Mayhem / Total Mania Cinematix Studios, Inc. / Domark Software, Inc. 1996

This is an ambitious isometric shooter that tries to improve the formulae of Origin's Crusader: No Remorse with new gameplay elements that don't quite gel together. It was the year 2140, and the human race had become enslaved by its own mechanical creations. The "Mechs" that were developed to be sent off to fight distant wars and provide local security became too advanced, too intelligent; so much so, that they enslaved their creators. Sixteen years later, the humans have begun to fight back, using cyborgs created out of the same technology that cost mankind its freedom years before. You are the leader of a small band of human cyborgs, ready to do whatever it takes to recapture your home world. You explore the world from an isometric perspective, shooting anything that moves and a few stationary objects to boot. Along the way, you also have to solve the occasional puzzles using keys, trap doors and hidden entrances to complete the objectives for each mission. As the game progresses, both the bad guys and the arsenal at your disposal grow in power. It allows you to control up to six soldiers (cyborgs, to be precise); Crusader has only one. It also lacks the gratuitous graphic gore found in Crusader.
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