Trick Or Treat ACA Soft, S.L. / Junkyard 1993

Trick or Treat is one of those obscure adventure games, which are hard to find nowadays. It's a true graphical point & click extravaganza from a Spanish developer that puts you in the shoes of an out of job young guy who has recently got another job as a Care Assistant at an Elder Home Care Center in Devilsville. You start your job on 31st of October and no sooner you reach the Care Center your car got stolen by the former Care Assistant. You enter the home and introduce yourself to all the old people and they all order you to get them various items for a Halloween party they are organizing tonight. Finding these items is the first part of your quest. The conversations you can have with various care home residents are quite funny, although there are some awkward sentences and only a few people to talk to. The game is a bit too short, thus making it ideal for adventure game beginners.
English preinstalled full game in DOSBox, code sheet, complete solution (uploaded by AbandonSocios)
Fan-Made Patch v3 by tatapindi (for modern systems & DOSBox) 149kb (uploaded by AbandonSocios)
Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
ISO Demo 13MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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