UBIK Cryo Interactive Entertainment 1998

Based on the novel UBIK from Philip K. Dick, you play the main character from the book called Joe Chip. You are working for a company called Runciter Associates in Los Angeles (in the year 2019) and your job is to protect companies against industrial spying from other companies. With genetic engineering and the development of replicants both sides have PSI-powers at hand to reach their targets. In the game you lead, train and equip a squad of selected individuals (with various abilities; be it several kinds of weapon skills or PSI) through 3D-realtime rendered maps (UBIK may have been the first RTSG using a 3D engine) where you sometimes can interact with your environment or even talk to some individuals. Connecting those missions are many rendered cinematic cut-scenes (the game ships on 3 CDs). The game's storyline has several layers of intrigue and complexity.
Patch & Gamefix 337kb / 411kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
3CD ISO Demo 844MB (uploaded by Egon68)
German No-CD Patch 769kb (uploaded by Tranit)
ISO Demo + Extras (thanks to hgdagon & upped by Meddle) 984MB

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