UFOs / GNAP Artech Studios / Corel Corporation, Hoffmann + Associates Inc. 1997

The developers describe it as a "Wacky Hillbilly Space Adventure Game". You'll play the part of the alien "Gnap", who gets stranded on earth, his spaceship wrecked. There must be a way out of even that situation, no doubt. Your job is to find all necessary parts to repair the ship and bring the strange little guy back in the air. The game itself is a comic adventure for a mature audience. Puzzle solving often means to hit someone else over the head. Literally. Gnap's roadmates are forced into his will by some sort of remote control. Thus puzzle solving is not limited to his abilities, instead you can tell some NPCs how to help. There are some built in arcade games as well.
Full Demo 450MB (@ Fajnegry)
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Full Demo 355MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
ISO Demo 360MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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