Umbra Conspiracy, The Cosmi Software 1995

An S.D.I. Research computer programmer with Top Secret "UMBRA" clearance has been killed in a tragic auto accident under suspicious circumstances. As a new COPNET (Computer Operated Police Network) agent, you have been assigned the preliminary investigation. But, almost before your disk drive is up to speed, the case has exploded into one of international espionage, and you are the prime suspect. You are swept up in a series of events so diabolical, so mind-boggling, it will take all your skill and perseverence to unravel the plot and prove your innocence. As you are led on a trail of secrecy and intrigue, you discover that you are both the pursuer and the pursued! Yet it is up to you to pierce the veil of the most incredible deception ever undertaken. But, beyond this mystery...beyond your innocence...lies a plot so evil, so sinister, that it must be uncovered and stopped before the world's time runs out! This is reportedly one of the worst adventure games ever game...the filmed scenes are so bad they're funny.
ISO Demo136Mb (upped by Egon68)

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