White Chamber, The Studio Trophis 2005

In this free point and click horror adventure game, you explore a strange environment crafted in luscious 2D. Control a trapped young woman from 3rd person perspective as she solves puzzles and overcomes the twisted obstacles in her path. A young girl wakes to find herself inside a strange glowing coffin, in a dark room. Who is she? What is this place? Why is she here? As she explores the warped environment she finds herself trapped within, she must search for answers, all of which will lead her closer and closer to the white chamber and the truth it holds. Mixing elements of visual and psychological horror, it creates a truly terrifying atmosphere. It uses stunning 24-bit colour Anime-style graphics and has hand drawn opening and ending animated cut-scenes. There's also a haunting soundtrack of ambient noise and disturbing sound effects, along with English voice acting. The twisting mysterious storyline about obsession, murder and redemption has engaging gameplay of exploration and puzzle solving. It has eight different endings and a selection of hidden easter eggs. The game text is available in five languages (English, Czech, French, Greek and Russian) and the game is powered by the incredible WME (WinterMute Engine).
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Full Freeware v1.7 Definitive Edition 359MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Full Freeware v1.7 Definitive Edition + Source + OST 307MB+361MB+64MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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