Yellow Brick Road Synergy Interactive 1995

This is a strange little offering from the same people who brought you L-Zone and Alice: An Interactive Museum. The Gnome King's army, aided by the ruthless Grey Bear, is attacking the Emerald City and the beautiful Queen Glinda. The Lion has been captured and the Scarecrow has gone after him. The Tin Man saw it all and is collecting his axe in order to join the fray when you show up, slippers missing but otherwise unscathed. Of course, you can't wait to help. The Lion proves easy to find but not quite as easy to retrieve. As with many fairy tale rescues, you must fight for him, your foes on this occassion being two gnome soldiers. Tin Man insists on going it alone, but you call the shots. Select your attacker (not much of a choice this time) choose your weapon (the magic spray gun, the magic buzz saw blade or the ordinary axe) and then turn him loose on your foe of choice. Turn about is fair play though, so the gnomes go next. In fact, they just relentlessly advance as you try to drive them back. Use a magic weapon in your turn, and it will take longer to recover before you can attack again. Drive them back far enough and they run away. Fail to stop their advance and it's the scrap yard for the Tin Man. As there are two of them, and only one Tin Man, you will need to experiment with your weapons to see which works best, and target your foes accordingly. It's a bit like turn based rpg combat, a bit like the combat in Largo Winch. Getting rid of one of them makes the rest of the fight so much easier. There are 5 or 6 battle sequences in all, and they get a little harder, but the Tin Man is aided by his companions (once you rescue them) in the subsequent fights. Three on three is better odds. Plus you get some extra magic weapons, and Scarecrow has a wicked hat. Scarecrow, in fact, is worth playing this game for all on his own. Looking more like a knitted doll than a scarecrow, his facial expressions have to be seen to be believed. Giggle city. His magic weapon of choice also has quite interesting results. Throw in his hat (and I mean that literally) and he is one of the more interesting game characters going around. The little happy dance they all do after winning a battle is worth a watch too.
ISO Demo 223MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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