Zaphie [K] Miraspace 2000

Zaphie (Evil spirits) is a horror adventure game, similar to Myst with puzzle elements. The background of the story of the evil spirits is in the United Kingdom. Players play the game as the protagonist named "Shi Binsen" whose career is an obstetrician. Eight years ago, his friend Roger and Anne his wife were pregnant with twins, which he found that the baby girl was suffering chronic malnutrition. The result was the birth of a healthy baby boy, Jason, and the baby girl was sickly. Although he felt considerable remorse, over time, he gradually forgot it all. Until one day after eight years, Shibin Sen received a phone call from Roger to come to his house to examine the deteriorating health of Anne and that Jason began to have autism. Four days later, Shi Binsen drove to Roger's home, but he would never have thought that this turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare. In addition to the whole background of the dark mansion outside, bloody and disgusting pictures, evil spirits who give a completely bloody show in front of the player. Avoid dangers such as axes and flying fireballs to escape the house and find out its secrets.
Chinese 2CD ISO Demo 637MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Korean Clone ISO Demo 502MB (uploaded by

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