Zelenhgorm: The Great Ship Episode 1 / Zelenhgorm: Episode I: Land of the Blue Moon Moloto 2002

The Great Ship is the first episode of the episodic fantasy adventure series Zelenhgorm: Land of the Blue Moon. Three more episodes were planned, but never finished. Zelenhgorm is a fantasy continent with earth-like qualities. In this episode, meet and learn about the Deyrec people whose clothes, dwellings and environment are decidedly early Scandinavian. Embedded in this civilization are superstition, folk-lore and magic as well as science. You play Arrikk Vaheirr, a young man who lives in the fishing village of Senava and invents odd machines in his garden. One day, two strange things happen to upset the daily routine - a giant ship runs aground on the river bank near Arrikk's garden ... and the dormant lighthouse begins to shine again. Arrikk's quest to discover the mysteries of the great ship, and the truths behind his haunting dreams, begins. Although played in first person, the scenery is full of the hustling and bustling of characters going about their daily lives. Even if you cannot talk to an onscreen character, they react as Arrikk passes by. The view switches to 3rd person view as your character changes locations or during special video sequences. Over 140 live actors form the cast, some of whom are famous through their parts in the Star Wars movies. Using full-motion video, the game has 360 degree panoramic views. All actions are controlled completely with a mouse, with the exception of using the ESC keyboard key to call up the main menu. Drop down menus appear when talking to the numerous characters. Open and close the bottom-screen inventory window by right-clicking and left-clicking respectively. Objects in inventory can also be combined which is necessary for solving some of the game's many challenging puzzles.
3CD ISO Demo 1.69GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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